In a bill of indictment filed by the chief prosecutor of Istanbul Terror and Organised Crime Bureau, leader of the Gulenist Terror Organization, Fetullah Gulen is being accused of espionage, illegal wiretapping, unauthorised surveillance recordings, mobile phone and audio surveillance recordings, profiling of civil servants and their families for the purpose of blackmail.

The 721-page bill of indictment, prepared and sent to court by Istanbul Terror and Organised Crime Bureau Prosecutor Okan Ozsoy, also claims that the strategic defence contractor for the Turkish state, TUBITAK was attempted to be infiltrated by the terrorist Gulen organisation just as other strategic organisations such as, National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) and Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Bill of indictment stressed that the method of communication preferred by the terrorist Gulen organisation – which is also referred to in Turkey as FETO – was GSM’s which were registered to anonymous people and anonymous institutions, which are thought to have close links to the organisation.

Bill of indictment stated that Gulens terrorist organisation also attempted and succeeded in exploiting the exams given to potential government employees to determine if they are qualified for the position as well.

It was stated that the “Organisation did not register the real names of the persons who were set to take the exams, the answers to the questions on the exam were obtained illegally before the test and given out to organisation members in advance so they could memorise and pass the exam.” The bill of indictment also stated that the terrorist organisation used privatised teaching intuitions for recruiting new members and also as a source of revenue.

Fake Twitter accounts set up by the terrorist network were used to release the illegal wiretaps to the public and the wiretaps were broadcasted on private TV channels owned by the terrorist organisation, the bill of indictment says.

The indictment also stated that the Twitter handle “Fuatavni,” – a fake account belonging to the organisation – revealed the details of operations before they were lauched against the members of the network who infiltrated strategic state institutions to prevent their arrests, since they had key positions.

The latest indictment is the biggest blow to date against the terrorist organisation which is thought to be operating and putting organisation members in key positions within state institutions for the last 40 years.

The Turkish state has been engaged in a massive purge of the organisation from all government related institutions, ranging from law enforcement to judiciary and hundreds of their members have been purged from government positions.

Several money laundering and tax fraud investigations were launched by Turkey’s Financial Crime Investigation Board regarding the companies related or belonging to the organisation.

The country has also begun a final phase against the terrorist organisation which is appointing trustees to their media affiliates.

Within the scope of ‘’reward regulations’’ of the Interior Minister of Turkey, which aims to reward the ones who spot members of terror organisations, Fethullah Gulen, the leader of  the Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETO), has been highlighted as a “most wanted” man, along with leaders of terrorist groups such as PKK and DAESH.