Evidence proves Gulen behind attempted coup: Turkey


Journalists from various Arab media outlets attended a special press briefing which was held at the Turkish embassy in Amman, Jordan on Thursday.

Turkey’s ambassador Sedat Onal, said collected evidence and testimonies of some of the arrested perpetrators proves “the coup attempt was staged by cult leader Fethullah Gulen and his terrorist organisation, FETO.”

“The failed attempt revealed the extent to which FETO poses a threat to democracy, peace and stability in Turkey,” Onal said.

He called on Turkey’s regional partners and the international community to take effective measures to prevent the activities of this group in their countries.

Furthermore, the unequivocal support in both words and deeds of friendly governments and peoples against this heinous plot is expected and will be much appreciated.”

Relating to the state of emergency declared by Turkish government after the coup attempt, the ambassador said that the recent temporary law is only to fight against terrorism in an effective manner.

“Contrary to some claims and speculations in the international media, the state of emergency will not be used as a means to crackdown on political dissent, but to take necessary measures in a speedy and effective manner to bring the perpetrators to justice, dismantle the terrorist network and achieve normalcy as soon as possible.”

Onal also showed journalists video footage from the night of the deadly coup attempt on July 15.

Turkish Ambassador Sedat Onal shows some videos to the journalist taken during the coup attempt in Turkey.

FETO is considered a terror organisation by Turkey, its leader Fetullah Gulen is on Turkey’s most wanted terrorists’ list and is accused of establishing and leading a “parallel state,” composed of a network of followers who have infiltrated the judiciary, police force, army and other state agencies to control these institutions.

An extensive investigation into the organisation began after FETO was accused of attempting to overthrow the democratically elected Turkish government via a judicial coup in December 2013.

FETO was also behind the failed July 15 military coup in Turkey, the failed coup attempt resulted in the deaths of at least 246 people and wounded over 2000. Turkey has requested the extrication of Gulen, who is currently in self-imposed exile in the US.