“As long as we stand with the people, tanks will be of no use”



President Erdoğan, in reference to the July 15 coup attempt, said: “Coup plotters are a minority. This is a terrorist organization. We wouldn’t let a minority have rule over the majority. It is evident that there is an intelligence shortcoming. If we had had accurate intelligence, the coup attempt would have been prevented. Of course no one can claim that intelligence organizations around the globe are free of shortcomings. It is always necessary to pinpoint possible shortcomings in the intelligence. However, in my opinion, human aspect of the intelligence is of much bigger importance because it is what renders everything possible. If we are to return to the issue of July 15 coup attempt, the FETÖ (Gulenist Terrorist Organization) has formed a parallel structure within the state. They failed in their coup attempt. I am sure that they will make plans in the upcoming days and weeks for their own future. However, as the state and the people, we stand together against such organizations. As long as we stand together with the people, tanks will be of no use. We have many suspects at our hand regarding the past. Laws prevent you from doing many things naturally. Confessions started to come out. They disclosed their connections.”


Underlining that the nation displayed a heroic stance against the coup plotters, President Erdoğan said: “At this point I don’t accept the repression of this coup as an end. In the process to come, they might have different plans. No matter what plans they have, we should keep in mind that the state doesn’t allow passage to them as long as the people and the state stand together. The nation defended their state. The tanks couldn’t achieve any results. Staunch stand of the nation was of crucial importance.”


In response to a question about French Foreign Minister’s remarks on Turkey, President Erdoğan said: “I don’t know what he said. They also had to detain people in large numbers. They declared state of emergency. If the French Foreign Minister made a personal comment about me, he should care about his own business. If they want to take a democracy lesson, they can look at our country. No one should attempt to give us lesson on this issue. We don’t insult anyone. We work to do everything within the scope of law. Tanks have run over humans.”


Answering Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal’s question about U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks that suggested Turkey’s NATO membership might be revoked, President Erdoğan said: “Kerry refuted these remarks. The embassy in Turkey negated these remarks. They said they hadn’t made any such remarks. In our talk with Mr. Obama, he expressed solidarity with us against the coup attempt and voiced support for democratic struggle. These are misinformation. These are out of the question. This interview is now also being followed from Turkey. I call on our people not to believe this kind of gossips.”