“Our biggest priority is the extradition of FETO leader as soon as possible”


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a joint press conference with Vice President Joe Biden of the United States at the Presidential Complex.

“On the night of July 15, members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) dressed in military uniforms attempted a coup but failed. Our nation repelled it with an extraordinary resistance,” President Erdoğan said and he added: “I am proud of my nation. FETO had F-16s, helicopters, tanks, artillery but my people only had our flag. They stood up to tanks waving our flag and courageously repelled this coup attempt in 12 hours.”


Pointing to the long-time strategic partnership between Turkey and the US, which evolved into model partnership with President Obama, President Erdoğan said: “Mr. Biden had the opportunity to see the calamitous dimensions of the coup attempt himself during his visit to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. I will later on give him some information and documents we have. I am also pleased that he had the opportunity to observe firsthand our nation’s feelings about FETO, the perpetrator the coup attempt.”

Underscoring our nation’s remarkable resistance on the night of July 15 and Turkey’s great achievement, President Erdoğan noted that all political parties and opinion groups acted in unity and solidarity which presented an important opportunity.


“During our meeting with US Vice President Biden, we shared information regarding the struggle against and measures taken against the bloody terrorist organization which did not even hesitate to attack its own nation,” President Erdoğan said and he further stated: “Our biggest priority is the extradition of FETO leader, the leader of this coup attempt as soon as possible. They are talking about a legal ruling. We have sent 85 boxes of documents regarding FETO’s activities before July 15. There are ongoing preparations for the files pertaining to their activities after July 15, which will be sent to them. As stipulated by the extradition treaty between Turkey and the US, such persons are at least detained, arrested and held under arrest until the court reaches a verdict. This individual continues to manage a terrorist organization from where he is. He continues to manage schools, businesses, associations in 170 countries. They are taking many members of press to Pennsylvania to conduct interviews. Similarly, they continue to give interviews, written or visual, to media outlets in the US. Through these, he maintains, directs and shapes his activities around the world. I especially would like to remind that taking this under control is only possible through detention, that it is required by our treaty and it should not be ignored. I believe the US will take the necessary step that will meet our valid expectations.”

“We, during out meeting, also discussed the struggle against terrorist organizations, including Daesh. The struggle against terror is the paramount issue in the region,” President Erdoğan said, continuing his statement with remarks on the ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’ which has been launched by Turkey to ensure its border security and the security of its citizens and their properties, and also to liberate Jarabulus from Daesh.


The President stated: “Today, a step has been taken about Jarabulus. Jarabulus is a city 20-30 kilometers away from our border. We had voiced our discomfort caused by the mortar shelling from there to our district, Qarqamish but this was not understood. Following our discussion with coalition forces, today we made our final decision. We provided support to a ground operation into Jarabulus by the Free Syrian Army. Coalition forces provided air support and as of now they have entered the city. Members of the Free Syrian Army and people of Jarabulus have retaken the city. They have taken control of government or official buildings there. We hear reports that Daesh was forced to flee Jarabulus.”

Underlining that Daesh, the PKK, the PYD, the YPG, the DHKP-C, Al Nusra, Al Shabab are all terrorist organizations, President Erdoğan said: “We cannot separate terrorist organizations as good or evil. They are all terrorists and evil. A terrorist is a terrorist and that is our understanding. One terrorist organization fighting with another one does not exonerate it.”


“Turkey will never allow anyone to threaten its national security, unity and integrity,” President Erdoğan said and he, referring to Syria, said: “Unfortunately, we witness heart-breaking images of Aylan Kurdis, and new Omrans every day. We do not want to see them anymore. I hope we will reach an understanding that Syrian people will be governed by a leader they choose themselves. We should not allow the Syrian people to be forcefully governed by a person they did not say ‘yes’ to. A Syria led by Assad will never attain democracy. We know their past. We, Turkey and the Turkish nation, deem it reprehensible to stand beside a person who has killed almost 600 thousand people and implemented state terror. I believe the US is very sensitive about this and will provide the necessary support.”

Referring to the meeting between Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and US Vice President Joe Biden, President Erdoğan stated that a series of successful meetings took place during the visit and thanked Vice President Biden for visiting Turkey.


US Vice President Biden stated: “US stands with our ally Turkey, we support people of Turkey and our support is absolute and unwavering.”

Expressing that U.S. is committed to doing everything they can to help bring justice for all those responsible for this coup attempt, Vice President Biden said: “US has no interest in protecting anyone who had done harm to an ally.”

Vice President Biden conveyed US President Obama’s condolences to the Turkish people.