Who is Fethullah Gulen?


Failed coup attempt of Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETO) couldn’t become successful as a result of the democratic Turkish nations movement.

So who is the terrorist Fethullah Gülen?

On July 15 night, in İstanbul and Ankara, Turkish government and the nation faced to a traitorous coup attempt against to democratic majoritys decision, attempt was repulsed by the Turkish democratic nation. It was seen that the Fethullahist Terror Organizations leader Fetullah Gülen shared a tweet with his followers right before the coup attempt. With the tweet that he shared on July 15 night, at 9 pm, Gülen was sharing the instructions and encouraging the terrorists that got involved to failed coup attempt.

Even though Gülen was accused to be terrorist leader and serious threat to Turkish government and nation for 3 years, there wasn’t any official action occurred towards him, till the failed coup attempt that threaten the nations democratic choice. After the attempt, Gülen was cut off from his pension plan and his whole social security rights got canceled by Turkish government.

It was also known that Turkish government and the nation is asking for Gülens return. Turkish government filed 85 boxes full of documents to be sent to US government that shows the guilt of Feto terrorist organization, to support their request.

As President Tayyip Erdogan stated, it is obvious that the coup attempt occurred as a result of Fethullahist Terror Organization and it is Turkish governments and nations right to ask for return. If US will not respond positively to demand, Turkey will start to consider USs return demands as well.

In addition there had been some statements and request by the society for the death penalty that should be occurred to traitors after the failed coup attempt. President Erdogan stated that the decision would be made after the parliamentary discussions.

Muhammed Fetullah Gülen was born in 1941. He was imam, preacher and writer. He was one of the founders of Journalists and Writers Foundation and the honorary president. As a result of Turkeyss political atmosphere during 1999, he went to USA and since he lives in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania town. He was published more than 50 books and various articles. He speaks Turkish, Arabic and Persian. He is an Islamic thinker and Gülen movements leader. He is listed ‘‘most wanted terrorists’’ by the Turkish Ministry of Interior since October 28, 2015 and accused of being the leader of Fethullah Terrorist Organization (Feto) and Parallel State Restructuring (PCM).