Letters: U.S. Owes It to Turkey to Extradite Gulen


Extradite Gulen

Ertan Yalcin, Consul General, Turkish Consulate, New York

Philly.comThe United States should extradite Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish citizen, as is allowed under an existing treaty (“Turkey asks U.S. officials to hold Pa. cleric,” Sunday). We have ample evidence that last month’s attempted coup was staged by the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), led by military officers affiliated with the group. It was also supported by nonmiltary individuals and groups affiliated with Gulen.

Gulen is the prime suspect in 55 criminal indictments. Investigations have found that Gulen, a preacher who lives in the Poconos, and FETO manage a dangerous and secretive illegal network masked as humanitarian organizations. They also own charter schools and companies across America.

Turkey believes the United States, our strategic partner and NATO ally, with whom we share democratic principles, will not support Gulen and his followers. Anything else would violate the spirit of cooperation between the two allies.

The people of Turkey are more united than ever. Our nation’s response to the July 15 coup attempt proved that democracy, freedom, and the rule of law are nonnegotiable in Turkey. As the Turkish people mourn the dead, nurture the wounded, and take pride in what we accomplished together, they also demand justice, closure, and reassurances that never again shall we witness such a crisis.

|Ertan Yalcin, consul general, Turkish consulate, New York