Merkel Regrets Over Not Condemning The July 15 Coup Attempt In Turkey


In an interview with German TV channel ARD on Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked about her regrets over not condemning the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey while she touched upon the Turks living in Germany.

“I believe that our condemning the coup attempt in Turkey is quite necessary,” Chancellor Merkel said pointing to the incidents on the night of July 15. “Just imagine if our army bombed our Parliament (Bundestag).””I keep saying that I’m their chancellor too and I think it’s important to profess that and it’s good if that is reciprocated by commitment to our country and not by bringing conflicts,” Merkel continued referring to the Turks living in Germany.

“But rather, those who have been living here for years and perhaps also have German citizenship, take part in the development of our country and if they want to they are very welcome to do so,” she said, adding that she could not force them to do so however.

Since the July 15 coup attempt orchestrated by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) in Turkey, tensions of Turks in Germany have increased. They have demonstrated the coup attempt in several German cities and protested against various far-right politicians in Germany’s Bundestag.

Merkel had drawn criticism for an interview published in Passauer Neue Presse newspaper on Aug. 23, in which she said, “We expect those with a Turkish background who have lived in Germany for a long time to develop a high degree of loyalty to our country.”

Germany is home to more than 3 million people of Turkish origin. Relations between Berlin and Ankara, a key partner for the European Union particularly in terms of the refugee crisis, have been precarious as of late.

Asked about the Syrian war in the interview on AFD, Merkel said that, “We (the international community) have to stop the bloodshed in Syria.”

Highlighting the importance of finding solution for the refuge crisis in the world, Merkel stated that some EU countries do not want to accept the refugees while others are open to them. She has also criticized that certain countries do not want Muslims in their country.

She has added that Italy must be supported for the refugees coming from African countries to Italy this year.