“Gulen Terrorist Group is Still Strong in U.S. and Europe”


Turkishny.com – Buse Ünal

Fuat Keyman, Professor of International Relations at Sabanci University, answered the questions of Turkish Ny news portal, related to July 15 coup attempt of FETO terrorist organizations.

Turkish NY: Mr. Keyman first of all I would like to thank you for accepting our interview request. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Fuat Keyman: It is my pleasure. Since 2010 I am working at Sabanci University, as a professor in the Department of International Relations and as, director of the Istanbul Policy Center of the University. Previously, I worked in Koc and Bilkent University. I was a member of the Wise People Commission formed for the solution process. Also I am writing for various newspapers, and I share my thoughts with the community as a commentator for TV channels.

Turkish NY: On July 15, Turkish government faced to a Feto coup attempt. How do you think while the Turkish government has the support of the democratic majority, this terrorist coup attempt took place?

Fuat Keyman: On July 15 night, Turkish government and the nation didn’t just face to just a ‘‘coup attempt’’ but also an ‘‘invasion’’. The main actor here was Feto-PCM terrorist organization. July 15 evening, Turkey was attempted to be invaded and seized by terror, we have witnessed the intimidation of Turkish society by terrorism.

Any conflict or problems prior to July 15 period, such as social and political polarization, or authoritarianism, simply do not make the coup attempt legitimate. Main reasons behind the putsch were terrorism and invasion.

In an environment of Third World War discussions, a global turbulence has been redrawing of the regional maps. This was an attempt to create a new Turkey by killing President. We are talking about a President who has the support of the democratic majority. The putschists attacked the public with tanks and bullets and killed 241 innocent people.

As a result, regardless of the polarization problem, all of the Turkish nation gathered and stood against the FETO coup attempt, and a spirit of  social cohesion surfaced in the country

Turkish NY: What do you think about Gulen’s military structure inside of the Turkish Armed Forces? The night of July 15, it was thought that a small group within the TSK was responsible for the coup attempt; but emerging details of those arrested, and investigated showed much bigger numbers. What are your thoughts on this discussion?

Fuat Keyman: Feto-PCM is a very serious terrorist organization that includes soldier, police, judicial and bureaucratic forces. On July 15 night we have seen how serious was the takeover attempt and the process.

Turkey returned from the brink of the abyss. Even it was said that the forces who were responsible for the coup attempt was minority inside of the Turkish Armed Forces, we have seen that it was not, it was serious and dangerous.

If the Turkish society didn’t gather in the streets, if the media and politicians didn’t stand against the coup attempt, today we might be living in a different Turkey. Therefore, Turkish society repelled the coup attack that night. All Turkish society regardless the social polarization, gathered to protect the Turkey’s future.

Turkish NY: Do you think that the government or the society expected the Feto coup attempt?

Fuat Keyman: Of course no one expected such treason, terrorist and occupation initiative. Undoubtedly, the government should have been more careful. But the coup attempt does not only target President Erdogan, or the AK Party government, my identification is it was for, ‘‘the invasion of Turkey’’, the response was a ‘‘matter of to protecting the country.’’

Therefore, instead of asking how and why it had happened, we should focus on the lessons that we need to take as society and government. We should try to focus on keeping the spirit that was born after July 15.

The developments in the aftermath of July 15, namely ISIS and PKK terrorist attacks, and the assassination attempt to CHP Deputy Chairman Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, show us the urgent necessity of uniting for a stronger Turkey.

Turkish NY: How to fight against the FETO terrorist group and its organizations within the US?

Fuat Keyman: Gulen, was defeated in Turkey, but abroad, especially in America and Europe, his terrorist group is still strong. It is too important to break Gulen terrorist group’s power within US and Europe.

Turkish NY: After the US Vice President Biden’s and President Erdogan’s meeting with President Obama, it was stated that the Turkish government filed 85 boxes full of documents to be sent to US government that shows the guilt of Feto terrorist organization. How do you think the US government will answer Turkeys demand?

Fuat Keyman: Joe Biden apologized after seeing the bombed parliament, Merkel made a similar statement; it shows that FETO no longer can lie.  But of course the FETO terrorist group will try to find other methods in order to cancel the possible return.

Turkish NY: Coup attempt is defined as ‘‘treason crime’’. There are some statements and request by the society for the death penalty that should be occurred to traitors. President Erdogan stated that the decision would be made after the parliamentary discussions. How death penalty decision can affect Turkey-NATO relations?

Fuat Keyman: The return of the death penalty, will strengthen Gulen terrorist group with in US and Europe. I personally do not think that we would bring the death penalty back. Turkish society is very angry which includes myself. But, we should act with wisdom and rationality and restrict the maneuvering room of the Gulen terrorist organization.

Turkish NY: Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stated that a new spirit that called Spirirt of Yenikapi was born after the FETO coup attempt. Do you believe that it will end the political and social polarization between the Turkish nation?

Fuat Keyman: The Yenikapı Spirit should continue. As we saw after the success of the Euphrates Shield operation, regardless the political polarization politicians are gathered on the idea of operation and the success. After July 15 night, the priority should be protecting our country. We all should show the necessity and the importance of to protect the unity of the spirit.

Turkish NY: Is there any message that you would like to deliver to our people with in Turkey and US?

Fuat Keyman: After July 15, single party, single identity, single life lost its importance. The most important thing, above of all those is Turkey. Turkey showed it to the whole world.

We should stand strong, stable and democratic all together regardless to our differences. It is same for the Turkish-American community as well.  That is the only way to break the power of the FETO terrorist group. Success will come with strong, stable and democratic Turkish society that stands side by side.